BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook 11.0 MIMEDIR//EN VERSION:2.0 CALSCALE:GREGORIAN METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20141118T200000 DTEND:20141118T220000 DTSTAMP:20230324T223335 SUMMARY:A Magna Carta for the Internet - A discussion with the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners Lee DESCRIPTION:Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web 25 years ago, while at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory. In the evening of Tuesday 18 November, EIF will host a dinner debate in his honour, an extraordinary opportunity for EIF members and friends to learn more about his proposal of ‘a Magna Carta for the internet’. In 2009 EIF members already had the pleasure of meeting him and discuss the challenges of the internet. On that occasion, Berners Lee talked about the future of the web, mass collaboration, and the web economy. He argued that the best way to look forward is to realize that the web is made up of people, and you have to understand the motives of the people.  On 18 November, Berners Lee will once again discuss the future of the internet with us, looking at the threats to the web’s wide-open spaces and addressing the most important question: what web do we want?  LOCATION:Renaissance Brussels Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Brussels, Belgium TRANSP:OPAQUE END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR