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Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the 20th EIF Annual General Assembly, which was initially planned on 21st April, will exceptionally take place by written procedure by 30 June.

 Members will receive all the necessary documents in due time. 

  • Agenda

    1. EIF in 2019

    A. Activities
    1. Debates
    2. Internal meetings
    3. Outreach activities
    4. Communications
    B. Membership
    1. New members
    2. Termination of membership
    C. Human and financial resources
    1. Human resources
    2. Financial accounts
    3. Approval of the annual accounts
    4. Discharge of the Board for the year 2019

    2. EIF in 2020

    A. Activities
    1. Recent events
    2. Upcoming events
    B. Membership
    C. Approval of 2020 budget

Practical information

30 June 2020
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