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As digitalization is becoming ever more critical to the functioning of societies so is the security of services, products and networks. This development has given rise to the debate on how IT security is to be governed.

Germany has passed a national IT-Security Law and an Implementing Law for the European NISDirective, while the EU has passed not only said directive but also a Cybersecurity Act in 2019. Both legislators, however, are set out to further regulate ITsecurity. While the German Government has planned to pass a new IT-Security Law (2.0) the European Commission has announced a revision and possible amendment of its NISDirective.

Both ambitions are discussed against the background of growing unease over actual I(C)T security and market control of actors from outside the EU.Join us for our Panel with:

  • Jakub Boratińsky (DG CNECT)
  • Andreas Könen (Federal Ministry of the Interior)
  • Klaus Landefeld (eco)

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26 November 2020 10h00 CET


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