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DIGITALEUROPE invites you to join our Digital in Practice Programme to discuss the challenges of security in a digital age: how can governments and international institutions like the EU and NATO support innovation in the private sector? And vice versa? Furthermore, how can we ensure that NATO and EU efforts mutually reinforce each other?

Innovation in the defence and space sectors has often been driven by private companies, but as the recent report by the NATO Advisory Group on Emerging Technologies states: ‘policy and diplomacy are key to trigger and sustain innovation initiatives and processes’. Collaboration between all actors is vital.

The timing has never been better. On the top of the European Defence Fund, the new EU budget and unprecedented post COVID recovery funds put technology front and centre. There is huge potential to bring us into a new golden era of technological innovation, with both military and civilian uses.


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13 April 2021 10:00-11:30 CET

Online event

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