26 February 2024

On 20 February, EIF Chair Pilar del Castillo MEP hosted an exchange of views with Roberto Viola, Director General, DG CNECT, European Commission, to take stock of the many digital policy achievements of the past mandate and to share views on expectations and hopes for the next one.

Exchange with Roberto Viola, Director General, DG CNECT

In her opening remarks, MEP del Castillo focused on the legislative achievements in the realm of digital technologies during the past mandate. Emphasis was laid on the strides made with the Digital Services Act, data governance frameworks, and AI advancements, all within the context of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The achievements were outlined as pivotal steps towards enhancing the digital single market, ensuring greater digital sovereignty, and fostering innovation within a regulatory framework that prioritizes safety, privacy, and ethical considerations.

Roberto Viola spoke about the EU's digital policy framework, focusing particularly on the intersections of technology, society, and regulation. Viola elaborated on the critical role of AI and data governance, stressing the necessity for these technologies to be developed and utilized as common goods that benefit all segments of society. He emphasized the EU's commitment to ensuring that AI advancements are guided by principles of safety, transparency, and ethical integrity. The speech also detailed the strategic importance of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act in mitigating market imbalances and promoting a more democratic and equitable digital environment. Mr Viola further highlighted the EU's proactive stance on digital diplomacy, aiming to navigate the complex web of global digital policy challenges while safeguarding European values and interests. The EU's approach to balancing innovation with security and privacy in an increasingly volatile global context was underscored, pointing to a forward-looking digital policy agenda that seeks to harmonize technological progress with societal well-being.