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  • Mr Kiarie Kamau
    Managing Director & CEO
    East African Educational Publishers Limited


Kiarie Kamau is the Managing Director & CEO of East African Educational Publishers (EAEP), the leading publishing house in East and Central Africa in terms of product offering. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, both from the University of Nairobi. In addition to his leadership role at EAEP, Kiarie is also Council member of the Kenya Publishers Association (KPA), member of Council of Management of the UK-based African Books Collective (ABC), and member of the International Publishers Association Copyright Policy Working Group (CPWG).
Apart from his executive responsibilities, Kiarie is a passionate publisher with deep interest in publishing of creative works especially in Kiswahili and other African languages. He has presented Papers on Publishing and Literature in local and international forums, some of which have been published in books and journals. His published works include: Notes on Chinua Achebe’s ‘A Man of the People’; ‘Promoting Local Authorship in Kenya’, published in Contemporary Publishing and Book Trade in Kenya; ‘The State of Publishing in East Africa’, published in Logos; and ‘The Guru of Publishing: Assessing Henry Chakava’s Contribution in Africa’ published in Coming of Age: Strides in African Publishing .
Kiarie is currently involved in driving digital content initiatives at EAEP, in line with modern publishing trends and also to respond to the requirements of the government of Kenya's policy on digital products. Hand in hand with this is his efforts at promoting online sales through various platforms including Amazon.