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  • Dr David Price
    Director of Insight and Analysis


David is director of Global Insight and Analysis at IFPI. He leads a team which studies the habits of music listeners, analyses the worldwide music landscape, provides data to support IFPI policy goals, and investigates music piracy. The Insight team designs, constructs, analyses and helps disseminate research relevant to areas within IFPI, our member companies, National Groups, and industry partners. This includes studies of music listeners across the globe, the recorded music market, and developments in both licensed and unlicensed music consumption. The team is responsible for IFPI’s annual Music Consumer Study, the largest music-focused research survey worldwide which takes place across more than twenty countries and 40,000 individuals. Recent bespoke projects investigated the value of music to commercial radio, the individual music lives of listeners in rapidly growing markets such as India, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia, and the value to Generation Z – and the wider music industry – of new short form video services.

IFPI is the voice of the recording industry worldwide. IFPI and its National Group network represents the interests of some 8,000 members across the globe. The organisation promotes the value of recorded music and seeks to expand its commercial uses while campaigning for the rights of record producers.