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  • Mr Carlos Hernández-Echevarría
    Head of Public Policy & Institutional Development


Carlos Hernández-Echevarría (Madrid, 1983) joined Maldita.es in 2020 to oversee its public policy and advocacy operation. He engages with public and private institutions interested in learning from our experience fighting disinformation and advancing more effective policy solutions to address this major problem. Before joining Maldita.es, Carlos worked in TV news for 15 years as a reporter, correspondent and executive producer. He has a BA in Journalism (Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid, 2006) and a MA in Elections and Campaign Management (Fordham University-Fulbright Program, New York, 2014). He is a regular contributor in several Spanish media.

Maldita.es is a nonprofit media outlet founded in 2017, the premier independent fact-checker in Spain and the most visited across the European Union. Our motto “journalism to not be fooled” summarizes our mission: monitoring public discourse and promoting transparency; fighting dis and misinformation through fact-checking and data journalism techniques; and promoting media literacy and technological tools to create a more resilient community that is less permeable to disinformation.