20 December 2013

Earlier this year, the European Commission proposed a directive on Network and Information Security (NIS). Since then, the European Parliament has been working on the proposed directive with various committees delivering proposed amendments. 

Therefore, the EIF dinner debate Cybersecurity: the EU action plan was very timely given the crucial timing within the legislative process. The debate was chaired Pilar del Castillo, MEP, EIF Chair and Industry, Research, Telecommunications and Energy (ITRE) Committee’ Rapporteur. The draft opinion of the ITRE committee on the proposal for a directive was published on 16th October 2013 and voted a day before this EIF debate. Ms del Castillo presented the main ITRE amendments to EIF members and friends.

Listen to Pilar del Castillo’s speech:

Then the panel of industry representatives followed to present their views on the directive and cybersecurity more broadly. 

Christopher Gow, Senior Manager of Government Affairs at Cisco, reviewed the primary reasons for the proposed NIS directive and the key issues that remain under discussion.

Listen to Christopher Gow’s speech:

Gerold Hübner, Chief Product Security Officer at SAP, congratulated the EU institutions and more specifically the ITRE Committee and Pilar del Castillo for their work on this important issue. He notably urged to focus the directive on helping organizations to identify cybersecurity threats which is the essential first step to fighting them more effectively.

Listen to Gerold Hübner’s speech:

Jonathan Sage, Governmental Programmes Executive at IBM, and EMEA lead on cyber security and cloud computing policy, also congratulated the ITRE Committee. He then reviewed the timing of this legislative package and noted that it will likely not be approved earlier than 2015 and called attention to the Network and Information Security (NIS) Public-Private Platform initiative, which in the meantime brings together relevant European public and private stakeholders to identify best cybersecurity practices across the value chain and helps create favourable market conditions for the development and adoption of secure ICT solutions. 

Listen to Jonathan Sage’s speech:




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