25 February 2014

The 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP) is a 1.4 Billion Euro joint initiative between the European ICT industry and the European Commission to rethink the infrastructure and to create the Next generation of communication networks and services that will provide ubiquitous super-fast connectivity and seamless service delivery in all circumstances. 

The challenge for 5G PPP is to secure Europe’s leadership in the particular areas where Europe is strong or where there is potential for creating new markets such as smart cities, e-health, intelligent transport, education or entertainment & media.

This EIF breakfast session on 19 February 2014, chaired by Malcom Harbour MEP, offered a platform for two founding members of the 5G Public-Private-Partnership and the European Commission to share their views on the scope of this PPP from various angles: the future of communications, key challenges to overcome as well as the background and expectations of the 5G PPP.

Mario Campolargo, Director of Net Futures at DG CONNECT, European Commission, noted that the 5G PPP initiative is a key to foster innovation, avoid market fragmentation in the EU and bring economic and social benefits of 5G to citizens. He stressed that at the moment Europe is ahead in the 5G global race and should take full advantage of this unique opportunity to become a global leader.

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Nicolas Demassieux, Senior Vice President Research at Orange Labs, noted that 4G is a very good technology but was created before the smart phones revolution. The development of 5G technology must be much more foresighted taking into account upcoming new applications, technologies and devices that can support future innovation. This will mean the “softwarisation” of network technology, and integration of fixed and wireless networks.

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Marnix Botte, VP Open Innovation EMEA and head of Bell Labs Belgium at Alcatel Lucent, presented the process of the 5G PPP and 5G developments in Europe. Mr Botte stressed that the strategic goal of 5G PPP is to regain at least 40 percent of global market share in the future network equipment sales. 

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