03 February 2017

Open service platform ecosystems are catalysers for economic opportunities and jobs. Europe is ready to lead such new technologies based on open platforms.

#EIFAsks: What the EU needs to do to be more open to the spread of open service platforms?

On 24 January, EIF and Pilar del Castillo, MEP and EIF Chair, invited a panel of experts to talk about the most important European policy issues raised by the spread of open service platforms.
In her opening remarks, Ms. del Castillo stressed the importance of interoperability and standards. She highlighted the need to develop an open and sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards.
Pearse O'Donohue, acting Director for Future Networks at DG CONNECT, European Commission, noted that open service platforms are of strategic importance to the development of the Digital Single Market. He introduced Fiware, a platform which provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that facilitate the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors.
Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation, then presented Fiware and the recently established Fiware Foundation, and noted that the Internet of Things will transform the industry and its processes. He also invited everyone to Fiware Open Day, which will take place on 7 March in Brussels.
Miguel Arias, COO at CARTO.COM, presented the startup outlook on open service platforms. Among other things, he stressed the need to harmonise data legislation across the EU countries.

#EIFAsks: What does the EU need to do to be more open to the spread of open service platforms?



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