12 June 2017

On Tuesday 31st May, EIF & Lambert van Nistelrooij MEP hosted a debate on the future of #urbanmobility. To make this future a reality, policymakers, cities, citizens and stakeholders will have to work together to embrace digital innovation and unleash the synergies of different modes of transportation. 

#EIFAsks: How far is Europe from a single market for urban transport solutions?

In his opening remarks MEP Lambert van Nistelrooij told the audience that things may change more in the next 5 years than in the previous 50.

Michal Boni MEP, would like to see the creation of a mobility ecosystem. He also stressed the importance of cybersecurity. In his view we all are responsible for cybersecurity issues, from individual users to companies.

Eva Srnova, Coordinator Urban Mobility Partnership, Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU, highlighted the fact that innovation moves quicker than regulation and that is an issue we have to live with. Thus, flexibility is required when legislating. She also highlighted that policies do not accommodate or take seriously into account mobility alternatives such as cycling and walking. In her opinion these are not perceived as serious transport modes equal to other options. 

For Sylvain Haon, Director Knowledge and Membership Services, International Association of Public Transport, public transport has to remain the backbone of urban transport systems, and it has to be reinforced. He believes that there is room for everyone and variety of possibilities such as car-sharing.

Willy Smeulders, Board member, European Passenger Federation stressed the importance accessibility for all, as Europe’s population keeps getting older according the demographics.

Adam Gromis, Public Policy Manager at Uber, sees an opportunity to change the transport system for the better but it requires innovation and friendly regulation. He also pointed out that there are studies that show that ride-sharing users are also biking more, walking more and using more public transportation. 

In this #EIFAsks video, MEPs Lambert van Nistelrooij and Michal Boni, and experts on urban mobility from Uber, the Czech Permanent Representation, the International Association of Public Transport and the European Passenger Federation share their views on the future of transport.

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