06 February 2018

On 30 January, EIF & MEPs Pilar del Castillo and Michal Boni hosted an exchange of views with European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, on the impact of digital transformation in the fields of research and innovation. Digital technologies have developed tremendously in recent years.

#EIFAsks Commissioner Carlos Moedas on the Digitasing European Industry Initiative?

Commissioner Moedas believes that we are living a very positive and interesting time in Europe. In his view, a lot has changed over the last three years and science and innovation have become a political priority once for all. However, he would like to engage all Europeans in the current wave of change by showing them the purpose of science and innovation through a series of goal driven projects.

To this end, he proposes creating a mission driven European science, nothing new but quite effective in terms of results, projects that will capture the people’s attention. Goals such as electric planes and zero carbon cities that will engage prime and finance ministers, while attracting the interest of the public.

In this short interview, Commissioner Moedas gives us an overview of the progress made towards the implementation of the Digitasing European Industry initiative.


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  • The Digital World towards 2040: AI and the future of democracy
  • Roundtable discussion on an EU-US common approach on digital regulation

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