04 November 2014

e-Skills for Jobs 2014 Awards aimed to identify concrete successful initiatives realized through the mastery of e-skills in the field of ICT to reach out to motivated and talented young people to the age of 25, educators, job seekers and entrepreneurs. EIF is proud to support the 'Digital Citizenship' category.

The winner of the Digital Citizenship category was awarded for the positive contribution of ICT to societal changes (a more democratic, participative and inclusive society as well as a greener and more sustainable economy, target: young people between ages 16 to 25).

The 'Digital Citizenship' category winner is the organiser of „IT FITNESS“ TEST, an initiative by the Slovak IT Association (ITAS) to motivate students to study IT. The aim of the test is mainly to check IT skills of the secondary schools and university graduates in order to see if their IT skills meet the requirements of their potential employers.  This test has been organised for the 4th consecutive year, this year including a special test for elementary schools. The results are further processed by a team of experts into an analytical study and its conclusion is presented in the media and discussed with the representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovakia as a suggestion for improvement of the educational process.

Gustav Budinsky, an executive manager of ITAS, together with other winners was awarded during the Italian Presidency eSkills closing conference on 30 October in Rome, Italy. EIF is inviting the winner to attend a high level debate in Brussels on 18 November 'A Magna Carta for the Internet -  A discussion with the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners Lee'.



  • Tech and Circular Economy: Perspectives on the WEEE Directive Review
  • The Digital World towards 2040: AI and the future of democracy
  • Roundtable discussion on an EU-US common approach on digital regulation

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