20 February 2017

Last September, the European Commission published its highly-anticipated proposal to reform the EU copyright rules: the proposal for a directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market. On 7 February, EIF and EIF member Victor Negrescu MEP invited panelists from various content creation and distribution industries to share their views and lead our debate on copyright reform.

#EIFAsks: What will it take to create a well-functioning marketplace for copyright in the EU?

In his opening remarks, Mr. Negrescu noted that it is important to understand different perspectives of market players and find the right direction for copyright reform to ensure both continuous content creation and market growth.

Sarah Davis, Group Legal Director at The Guardian, spoke about the importance of ensuring a publisher’s right to protect their content. She stressed the fact that quality journalism requires deep creative resources and it is therefore necessary to ensure the protection of the rights holder’s rights.

Chris Ancliff from Warner Music Group, recalled how the music industry has successfully adapted to operate profitably in the internet age, but also noted obstacles that continue to make it hard to protect authors’ rights.

Raegan MacDonald, EU Senior Policy Manager at Mozilla, warned against unintended consequences for new business models that some parts of the proposed Copyright reform might create.

Agustin Reyna, Senior Legal Officer and Digital Team Leader at BEUC, described how the proposed Copyright reform will impact consumers and their use of online content.

#EIFAsks: What will it take to create a well-functioning marketplace for copyright in the EU?



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