26 November 2017

On 22 November, Members of the European Parliament, EIF Members and friends met with Roberto Viola, Director General at DG CNECT, European Commission for a mid-term review of the EU Digital Agenda.

#EIFAsks the Director General, DG CNECT on the mid-term review of the DSM strategy

Roberto Viola believes that the efforts and work work done by the Commission and Parliament in the digital sphere will be remembered in time. He reminded the audience of how not long out many operators would block messaging apps from making voice or video calls, or how reading the news abroad on your device could cost fifty times the price of a printed newspaper.

In his view, the current Parliament has fulfilled its mission by accomplishing a borderless market for online goods and digital contents, a very tangible and concrete result that attracts the interest of other regions of the world on how we do things as Europeans. In Europe we can already enjoy net neutrality rules, the abolishment of roaming fees or the end of geo-blocking for online content and goods.

EIF Roberto Viola 16

The Director General also listed some of the future challenges, completing the rules for a true DSM; regulation for free data flow in Europe; rules on connectivity and spectrum, access to the Gigabit society. He feels that the digital revolution should be for the citizen, digital solutions should provide better quality of life to Europeans.

In this short interview, Roberto Viola comments on the current challenges of the Digital Single Market Strategy, and the ones to come from a digital revolution that is transforming the European economy and society.



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