06 September 2017

On 5th September, EIF & MEPs Pilar del Castillo and Michal Boni hosted a debate on the successes and the challenges of #CyberSecurity in the European Parliament, Brussels. The debate discussed the state of play, information sharing and response in Europe, and policy recommendations. 

#EIFAsks: What are the main challenges Europe is facing in the cybersecurity sphere?

Pilar del Castillo, EIF’s Chair, reminded the audience that the European Union has recently witnessed major cybersecurity incidents impacting government systems, critical infrastructures, as well as businesses and other public and private organisations of all sizes across several countries. She feels that in this context particular attention must be paid to the fast-evolving cyber threat landscape since nothing can escape the digital transformation.

Michal Boni stressed the need to also consider the responsibility of individuals in cybersecurity, since our behaviour, attitude and education also play a role we need to consider when protecting ourselves in the digital world.   
Dr. Hugh Thompson a renowned security expert and Chief Technology Officer at Symantec, highlighted that cybersecurity is still a young field. In his view individuals are making every day security related choices, such as deciding to click on a link in an email to download a file. For Dr. Thompson, small decisions like this one can have massive consequences and many users still have a very difficult time assessing risk with technology.
Axel Petri, Senior Vice President Group Security Governance at Deutsche Telekom, considers trust in a digitised world crucial. Security experts need to develop user friendly, simple and easy solutions for the broad public that do not require complex software to encrypt emails for example. In his view telecoms have an important role to play supporting law enforcement agencies educating IT security experts. 

In this #EIFAsks video, MEPs Pilar del Castillo and Michal Boni, Dr. Hugh Thompson from Symantec and Axel Petri from Deutsche Telekom share their views on Europe’s main challenges in the sphere of cybersecurity.



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